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Friday, December 14, 2012

Quayyum Raja's Press Briefing on Istanbul Tour

Prominent Kashmiri columnist, political activist and reformist Quayyum Raja has said in his press briefing on his return from Istanbul, that Turkey has made remarkable ecomonic and political achievements for which the main credit goes to the ruling AK or Justice and Development Party, led by the Turkish premier Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Quayyum Raja, who was on a research tour met with Erol Adayilmaz, the ruling party's Head of Foreign Affairs at his office in Istanbul. Quayyum Raja described Erol Adayilmaz as a sharp and articulate young Turkish leader, who said education, health and economic improvement are the top priorities of his party, which is the vision of the Prime Minister Erdogan. 

Quayyum Raja said these were not just claims but facts backed up by the national budget, respectively allocated for each sector. The AKP government believes that the nation has to be educated and healthy in order to make progress. The discussion between the two men featured a discussion on the Ottoman Empire, its rise and fall, the Turkish War of Independence led by Kemal Ataturk, the ruling party's 2023 vision, Turkish Diplomacy, Kashmir, Palestine including regional and international issues such as Turkey's relationship with the EU, the Muslim World and Turkey's economic development. Quayyum Raja said he was most impressed by Turkey's rising confidence and self-reliant national spirit, which makes a nation respectable in the eyes of other nations. 

The most important aspect of Turkish economic development according to Mr. Raja is, the fact that the Turkish economy is the result of the Turkish people's hard work and large production and export rather than exploitation of smaller nations like some other powers. He described the Turkish people as highly positive, productive, disciplined, organised, hospitable and dignified having strong Islamic and national spirit. He visited amongst others, Istanbul University and it's professors, Chairman TUMSIAD Dr. Hassan Sert and his staff, the daily 'Hurriyet' newspaper and it's Foreign Desk Editor Ms. Turan, some NGOs and students. 

He said he always loved the Turkish people and his fresh discoveries and experiences led him to respect them as well.  Quayyum Raja, who is also writing a diary on his tour was asked how he would sum up his diary and he said: "The Turks believe in making products themselves for their own use. Import less and export more. No compromise on quality of production and discipline." Of Turkey's future role he said, Turkey has the capacity and pedigree to lead the Muslim world, because the Turkish people are not arrogant but compassionate and co-operative. The diary is likely to come out soon.      

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